bartonella infection

I will add that I got rid of bart with 2 intracellular abx , 600mg rifadin/rifampicine + 200 mg doxy + 200 mg plaquenil + 30 to 60 drops houttuynia + Fo ti 
pulsed therapy 12 days on , 2 weeks off during which I took herbs
I am fine now no pain in feet at all whereas I could barely walk

Here is a list of Bart herbs:
Houttuynia, Chinese name Yu Xing Cao, 
Isatis root and Chinese name Ban Lan Gen²⁹ that are combined with anti-inflammatory herbs including 
Polygonum cuspidatum, Chinese name Hu Zhang³⁰, 
Reishi mushroom, Chinese name Ling Zhi³¹,
Agaricus mushroom, Chinese name Ji Song Rong³², 
Rehmannia root, Chinese name Shu Di Huang³³, 
Scutellaria baicalensis, Chinese name Huang Qin³⁴, 
Rhodiola, Chinese name Hong Jing Tian³⁵

I am off abx , I am really well , I only take fo ti at the moment and 15 drops of defens nat at bed time  ( you can ony buy the latter in France  )

The Tetracycline family of antibiotics are commonly used for the treatment of Bartonella infections. Minocycline is 5 times more lipophilic than doxycycline. Minocycline achieves highest penetration into saliva and cerebrospinal fluid
compared to doxycycline and tetracycline. It is wise to start a patient on a more mild tetracycline drug, and many physicians choose doxycycline for that reason. Doxycycline may cause more stomach irritation than minocycline, however, for patients who are infected with Bartonella in the CNS, doxycycline is much more mild in that regard and has less potential to cause extreme CNS herxheimer reactions due to bacterial die off in the brain and nervous system. Caution must be taken in the beginning of Bartonella treatment with any antibiotic, as a herxheimer reaction is likely, especially for the chronically ill, systemically infected. They can result in irreparable damage. Minocycline can always be substituted once doxycyline has been used to it's highest potential. Bartonella treatment is always more effective when two antibiotics are combined that Bartonella has susceptibility to. It is advised that Tetracyclines be combined with another family (class) of antibiotic for Bartonella treatment.
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