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Gabriel , la leucémie à 3 mois

Docs issue Lyme disease alert , Lyme disease cases are on the rise

Stade 3 de la maladie de Lyme

Au-delà de douze mois après la piqûre de tique, les symptômes de la maladie de lyme ont fini par prendre énormément d’ampleur dans la vie de la personne infectée. Nous parlerons alors de « maladie de Lyme chronique », c’est le...

Et si la polyarthrite rhumatoïde était d'origine infectieuse ?

At this time we as parents had no clue that a tick had gotten in my child's hair.

As baseball  season approaches again these pictures below brought back some memories from last season. For most of you that are looking at this picture and saying why does she have a picture of a tick let me explain to you why. Last year we were at the park in Slidell playing a tournament. Landon of course being a boy was playing in a big sand pile near the woods. At this time we as parents had no clue that a tick had gotten in my child's hair. That following Sunday we were in Lafayette playing in another tournament and my baby couldn't walk. He started limping at first and then his left leg started dragging to where he could not stand up on it. After a little observation I knew this wasn't right and headed straight to the ER. The first hospital gave us the runaround and said he just had a little virus and that he would get over it and was sending him home . Kelly and I both disagreed on this and decided to go to Children's Hospital. We were there for 12 hour running every test possible. Landon was not getting any better the left side of his body and mouth we're starting to drag and he was drooling..Again the doctors could not figure out he was going on and was sending him home stating that he had a virus and it just had to take its course. As parents we both knew this was not right as they were giving us to discharge papers I slid my fingers through his hair and hit something with my nail and sure enough there it was a tick. My son was going in to tick paralysis shutting down his entire body. When I told the doctor to look he immediately felt the relief, pulled the tick from his head and I will NEVER forget these words from his mouth "momma you just saved your son's life" Landon immediately started getting better. Why am I putting this on Facebook again well this is the time last year that we went through this with him and I just want to warn all parents that if your kids are playing near the woods or anywhere not just at the park just to do a common check with the kids hair. This pic below is a deer tick and if god didn't guide my hand through my child's hair Landon would not be here today.

SLyme Disease: How A Speck Changed My Life Forever

Still on antibiotics 4+ years later
By Amy Tan I used to brag that I never got sick. I rarely came down with colds or the flu. I had health insurance for catastrophic illness and only used it once, for surgical repair of a broken leg, the result of heli-skiing, the sport of a vigorous...

Drug combinations against B. Burgdorferi

Drug combinations against B. Burgdorferi persisters

mise au point sur la maladie de lyme

Des panneaux de prévention contre la maladie de Lyme

Des panneaux de prévention contre la maladie de Lyme

Des panneaux apposés sur les points de départ des randonnées.
Des panneaux apposés sur les points de départ des randonnées.
La municipalité a installé des panneaux d'information sur les risques de la maladie de Lyme, aux points de départ des sentiers de randonnée pédestre de l'esplanade de l'Europe et de l'ancienne gare. À l'heure des beaux jours, elle souhaitait en effet alerter les randonneurs pour les prévenir des risques de piqûres de tiques, qui sont plus fréquentes durant leur période d'activité maximale, entre le début du printemps et la fin de l'automne. 27 000 cas de borréliose de Lyme sont recensés chaque année en France.
Cette maladie se transmet à l'homme uniquement par piqûre de tique. Les contaminations humaines sont plus fréquentes à la période d'activité maximale des tiques, entre le début du printemps et la fin de l'automne. Des mois à des années après l'infection, peuvent apparaître des manifestations tertiaires, de type articulaire, cutané, neurologique, musculaire, ou cardiaque. L'évolution est très favorable lorsque la maladie est diagnostiquée et traitée précocement. La meilleure prévention consiste à retirer les tiques le plus rapidement possible après piqûre, en évitant de casser le rostre. La résistance des tiques aux insecticides rend difficile leur destruction.
Notre collectivité a pu obtenir gratuitement ces deux panneaux de France Lyme, en lien avec la mutuelle des Caisses d'Épargne.

Harsh Northeast Winter No Hindrance to Hungry Ticks

Think you're safe from ticks because the harsh winter froze them or because you haven't been trekking through the woods? Think again. Researchers focused on ticks and the debilitating diseases they spread say the heavy snow that...

Chasse au dindon sauvage - Quand le chasseur devient le chassé [Maladie de Lyme]

Le printemps est à nos portes avec, pour le chasseur, un appel de plus en plus grand d’ajouter à ses trophées le dindon sauvage. Ce nouveau gibier qui se...

Your chronic disease might be tick-borne

“I was beside myself. I didn’t know what to do next. You’re seeing your 19-year-old spending all her time in her room just sleeping. I was praying for direction.”

Substantial health threat: Never-before-seen tick-borne disease

Just in time for spring and the explosion of ticks in forests, lawns and trails, a new study has uncovered a never-before-seen illness transmitted by ticks. The disease could be a 'substantial health threat' to...

Ride for Lyme - The Adelaine Project CanadaHelps

Thank you so much for being a part of The Adelaine Project! Whether you are a friend or a stranger, we really appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

Northern Rockies Lyme Disease Coalition

Aktionsbündnis lädt im Mai 2015 zu Aktionstagen in fünf Städten

Immer mehr Zeckenstich-Opfer - Zeit zu handeln wird nicht müde, auf die Missstände und schlechte medizinische Versorgung der...

Powassan -- Tick-borne Terror Virus or Too Much Media Hype

Powassan -- Tick-borne Terror Virus or Too Much Media Hype
Powassan is a virus, related to West Nile flavivirus, and is transmitted by ticks. While it is rare—diagnosed less than 50 times in the past 10 years—it is scary because it can cause encephalitis, or a brain infection. More often, people who are infected develop no symptoms, but surveys show [...]
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Lyme Pandemic

We the Undersigned, call on our governments to take action regarding the funding that is provided for Lyme disease and co-infections. Proper funding is required for testing and treatment! This disease is a pandemic and by providing our...

conférence à Mazères-Lezons (64) organisée par LSF.150 participants.

Le 24 avril 2015, conférence à Mazères-Lezons (64) organisée par LSF.150 participants. Un article dans la presse locale La République des Pyrénées. Informations, témoignages au programme

Big Tick Project launched to track rising threat of Lyme Disease

UK Vets launch Big Tick Project to track rising threat of Lyme Disease - Debilitating bacterial disease transmitted by bite from infected ticks has well-publ...

Thank you for raising awareness of Tick borne diseases. Currently the level of doctor knowledge is poor - little is taught about this emerging disease. Public Health England work closely with charity Lyme Disease Action. LDA have support for clinicians and patients on their website. In fact they recently produced an e learning module for doctors with The Royal College of General Practitioners 

For humans who suspect they could have been infected by a tick it is worth looking at LDA website and maybe contact the support line before discussing with your doctor so that you can make the most of your consultation.

The science is still emerging about many Tick borne diseases - in the case of Lyme Disease research done by the James Lind Alliance overseen by Dept of Health and PHE found that we still don't know the best treatment or the optimum length of treatment - we need to have open minds. 

Hopefully this excellent project will help to provide some answers.