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Lyme disease : How transplanting someone else’s poo into her gut helped a struggling world champion triathlete get her life back on track




Compare Alan MacDonald's image of a Borrelia myamotoi biofilm embedded within Beta Amyloid Plaque from a deceased Alzheimer's patient. (East Coast)

Dr. MacDonald published a similar paper in 1986 , it is at least referenced in this recent paper. Compare Alan MacDonald's image of a Borrelia myamotoi biofilm embedded within Beta Amyloid Plaque from a deceased Alzheimer's patient. (East Coast)
Curr Neurobiol 2018; 9(1): 29-32 ISSN 0975-9042
A Pathway to Alzheimer’s disease
Herbert B. Allen, Rina M. Allawh, Kavita Goyal
Drexel University College of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, USA
Abstract: We postulate a pathway to Alzheimer’s disease that begins with microbial pathogens, spirochetes, that make biolms which upregulate the innate immune system. This leads to the destruction of the tissue and the formation of Aβ by known biochemical and microbiological pathways.
The spirochetes also form biolms intracellularly; and, in the process, create Aβ which stimulates the hyperphosphorylation of tau protein. This ultimately leads to the formation of neurobrillary tangles and dendritic disintegration. All the steps in this pathway have been shown to be present by direct pathological observation or by known microbiological/biochemical pathways. As one proof of concept, things that negatively impact AD, such as diabetes, smoking, and certain drug exposures have been shown to inuence one or another component of the pathway.
1. Miklossy J. Alzheimer’s Disease-A Neurospirochetosis- Analysis of the Evidence following Koch’s and Hill’s Criteria. J Neuroinammation. 2011; 8: 90.
2. Miklossy J. Historic evidence to support a causal relationship between spirochetal infections and Alzheimer’s disease. Front Aging Neurosci. 2015; 7: 46.
3. MacDonald AB. Borrelia in the Brains of Patients Dying with Dementia. JAMA. 1986; 256: 2195-2196.
4. Miklossy J. Bacterial Amyloid and DNA are Important Constituents of Senile Plaques: Further Evidence of the Spirochetal and Biolm Nature of Senile Plaques. J Alz Dis. 2016; 53: 1479-1473…/325225630_A_Pathway_to_Alzhe…

maladie de Lyme ," en chronique , ça n'existe pas !!!!!!!!!! "

Fab. Humour et dessin

seconde plainte contre l'infectiologue du CHU de Dijon






« Actualiser les connaissances sur Lyme » Dr Raouf Ghozzi, médecin interniste à l'hôpital de Lannemezan et Président de la FFMVT

l'émission Média'Tiques de janvier est maintenant disponible sur la chaîne YouTube d'Orne Lyme.

Elle a pour thème « Actualiser les connaissances sur Lyme » et a pour invité le Dr Raouf Ghozzi, médecin interniste à l'hôpital de Lannemezan et Président de la FFMVT (Fédération Française contre les Maladies Vectorielles à Tiques).

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France Lyme revue de presse novembre et décembre 2018




When Lyme Disease Strikes an Unborn Child

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A mom can pass the pathogen to her fetus—but the World Health…

Erratic rapid eye jerks in a child with Lyme disease - Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH

#Lyme disease can cause various #eye problems including sensitivity to light, floaters (spots in front of the eyes), blurred vision, double vision, even vision loss.
It can also cause rapid erratic eye movements, as this case discusses. #LDScience blog

Lyme : "moquée" par un médecin, elle porte plainte
Une patiente d'Etalans (Doubs) vient de porter plainte contre un infectiologue du CHU de Dijon. Chargé d'une expertise en vue d'évaluer ...

Don’ t confuse somatic symptoms with depression in early Lyme disease - Daniel Cameron, MD, MPH

TOUCHED BY LYME: 10 years of Lyme progress, one blog at a time

After two years of Eurolyme I started my Lyme blog ten years ago this year.
In 2009, there was no online destination for breaking news about Lyme disease. We decided to create such a news hub--and it's still going strong.

The Tick That Took Me Out
My story of getting and coping with late-stage Lyme disease—one of the…
“No need to save the tick,” the advice nurse told me over the phone. “It’s not our policy to test ticks for bacteria... Just call us if you develop a bull’s-eye rash.”  👎👎👎

Debbie Gibson reveals how Lyme disease horror turned her life upside down

“I was at a stop sign in my home town and literally didn’t know if I was turning right or left, but I was aware enough to know I didn’t know, which was really scary,” says Debbie, 48.
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Ticks that transmit Lyme disease don't take the winter off PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — I

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you think ticks aren't active in the…

Pets sleeping on bed can be a BAD idea. Need to tick check.

Pets sleeping on bed can be a BAD idea. Need to tick check.…/woman-links-lyme-disease-diagnosi…
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Maladie de Lyme : Des virus pour mieux dépister Jeudi 24 janvier, l'association "Espoir Arradon" fait venir le Dr Teulières,

CAPC study: Lyme disease spreading to regions once thought low-risk

Is there anywhere that's low risk anymore? (We don't think so.)
The following quote caught my attention because It's possible that people in historically low risk areas aren't getting testing due to physician bias that "It can't happen here."--SP
"Significant increases in canine Lyme prevalence have been seen in some areas that are not yet reporting significant human incidence."

Guérison d'un syndrome polymorphe polyalgique après 4 ans d'errance

Guérison d'un syndrome polymorphe polyalgique après 4 ans d'errance
Syndrome polymorphe polyalgique, aggravé dans les suites de morsures de tique objectivées (dont un EM), malgré un traitement initial par amoxicilline 15j efficace mais suivi de rechute. 4 ans d’errance diagnostique, aucune prise en charge proposée ! Sérologie Lyme et babésia positives. PCR multiples positives aux co infections Rickettsia et Bartonnella. Très belle amélioration après un traitement d’un mois de SPPT. Stabilité sous entretien aromathérapeutique, avec un recul de 6 mois à ce jour. Rechute possible à surveiller.




CTV Your Morning with LymeHope

Des mères en mission pour prouver que la maladie de Lyme peut être transmise à l'enfant à naître

Aggressiveness, violence, homicidality, homicide, and Lyme disease | NDT

En savoir plus

ATTENTION PARENTS WITH KIDS EXPERIENCING BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS. Here is something you probably will not hear from your pediatrician or child psychologist - infections can cause behavioral issues, violent attitudes and aggressiveness. The study below highlights information provided by a Lyme-literate psychiatrist from New Jersey. Once this study was published, another New Jersey psychiatrist, Rosalie Greenberg, MD, who treats children had this to say:
"Dear editor
I read with great interest the article by Bransfield, wherein the author reviewed potential contributors to and manifestations of heightened loss of control in Lyme
disease patients. As a child psychiatrist living in a Lyme-endemic state, New Jersey, in the USA, I have seen a number of children and adolescents who exhibit significant acute or gradual onset of highly oppositional behaviors often both at home and at school. Refusal to do classwork or homework, heightened paranoia or feeling
rejected by others is often present. In addition, they often demonstrate increased irritability, extreme temper tantrums, problems concentrating, elevated impulsivity, sensory hypersensitivity (sound, touch, smell, taste and/or light) and intense emotional lability. Parents describe these behaviors as either a sudden change or a period of worsening of a previous condition, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or mood disorder. During periods of intense anger over minimal issues, they can appear menacing and threaten to kill a sibling, parent or a friend or state that they want to die themselves. In a recent record review of 69 youth evaluated in my private
psychopharmacology practice, 49 of these new patients, without a known history of Lyme disease or other tick-borne disorders, demonstrated evidence of exposure to one or more of the pathogens Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Anaplasma on serologic testing performed by multiple laboratories. In addition, 6 of
the 69 patients were initially referred because of psychiatric difficulties observed by other physicians during the active treatment of tick-borne infections. Supporting this connection of childhood neuropsychiatric symptoms and tick-borne illness is a recent article looking at 27 youth diagnosed with bipolar disorder I or II, which found that
74% or 20/27 were diagnosed with at least one tick-borne illness based on serologic testing and clinician evaluation.2
Of note, bipolar disorder is a psychiatric illness that
carries a high risk of suicide. There appears to be no question that exploration of the association of Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses with neuropsychiatric symptoms both in children and adults requires more extensive study."
Please consider that your child's change in behavior may be caused by an underlying infection. You will need to take your child to a specialist who understands tick-borne diseases. Contact us if you need a reference -…