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Fédération Française contre les Maladies Vectorielles à Tiques sont ouvertes

POURQUOI ADHERER A LA FEDERATION ? si vous êtes médecin, biologiste ou autre scientifique titulaire d'une thèse, (voir Statuts de la Fédération Française…

new Lyme disease could be major health threat

Hallucinations, Sensory Neuropathy, and Peripheral Visual Deficits in a Young Woman Infected with Bartonella koehlerae ▿

A young woman experiencing depression, anxiety, mood swings, severe headaches, muscle spasms, interphalangeal joint stiffness, decreased…

John Caudwell is interviewed 5 minutes in, on this BBC Midlands today TV programme

Regional news magazine

The Phones 4u founder has called on the Government to research Lyme disease

John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of Phones 4u has called on the Government to join him in researching Lyme disease, claiming the illness is…

Yolanda Foster Gives Lyme Disease Health Update: 'Searching for a Cure, Another Day Come and Gone'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted a smiling selfie on Instagram

TOUCHED BY LYME: "Most serious undiagnosed health threat in existence"

UK billionaire John Caudwell is taking to the airwaves to call attention to Lyme disease.

Fund raising challenge for vet with Lyme Disease

Vets across UK fundraising for treatment in US for vet Sarah Bignell-Howse

la maladie de lyme , émission télévisée ; lyme , un sujet tabou

gare aux tiques

la maladie peut se soigner si elle est prise en considération dès la piqûre de tique : 4 à 6 gr d'amoxicilline ou 200 mg de doxyciclyne pendant 15 jours minimum ( 3 semaines normalement )
après c'est trop tard , ce sont des années de galère et de douleurs migrantes

maladie de Lyme : Sus aux tiques !

Une balade en forêt, un week-end dédié au camping sauvage… A priori, ces moments bucoliques ne présentent aucun danger. Pourtant, ils peuvent vous faire entrer en contact avec des tiques, vecteurs d’une pathologie difficile à...

Relying on a negative Lyme disease test can prove deadly - Daniel Cameron MD

In the summer of 2013, a young man from Poughkeepsie, NY, died suddenly after suffering from flu-like symptoms for nearly 3 weeks. Initial reports suggested he...

LYMEPOLICYWONK: My speech at MedX on Lyme disease and patient-centered big data research

Big-data research is a game-changer for Lyme disease.

children's lyme disease network

Multiple symptoms with migratory joint pain that comes and goes is the hallmark of Lyme disease. Symptoms can appear soon after the infection or may not...

John Caudwell talks on ITV's This Morning about his family's horrendous experience with lyme disease,

John Caudwell talks on ITV's This Morning about his family's horrendous experience with lyme disease, and how he plans to improve awareness, testing and trea...

Avril Lavigne Launches Campaign to Help Fight Lyme Disease

Avril Lavigne has taken it upon herself to raise funds and awareness about an illness that has af...

Tout savoir sur la Maladie de Lyme et les traitements naturels

La Maladie de Lyme est un casse-tête pour les médecins. Tout savoir sur la prévention, son dépistage, ses symptômes, diagnostics, et traitements naturels.

attention :

ne jamais recommander de lavements si les gens ont , comme de nombreux lymés , l'intestin poreux , c'est tres dangereux les toxines seront relarguées dans tout le corps et le malade va dépérir 

ne pas prendre desmodium sur le long terme 

 (un détachement précoce, en utilisant par 

exemple une goutte d’huile essentielle

 pour l’endormir, limite la probabilité de 

transmission de l’infection).

Bacterial infection and Alzheimer's disease: a meta-analysis.

Bacterial infection and Alzheimer's disease: a meta-analysis.

Maladie de lyme, enfin une lueur d'espoir

Win a "Charming" Evening with Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne brings lyme disease to the light xo
Join me in supporting an incredibly important cause, and you'll be entered to win a trip to hang out with me at the premiere of my movie, Charming! We'll han...

émission maladie de lyme

une excellente émission de 3 h  sur la maladie de lyme avec le Professeur Perronne , France Lyme et Lyme sans Frontières 

radio Courtoisie 

What carries Lyme disease ?

Because of its diverse symptoms, late stage or chronic Lyme disease, mimics many other illnesses and can be difficult to diagnose."

Because of its diverse symptoms, late stage or chronic Lyme disease, mimics many other illnesses and can be difficult to diagnose."
Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium transmitted by tick bites. It can affect many organs of the body. Scientific progress has resulted in several antibiotics. Further research promises new tests, medicines and vaccines.

understanding : 10 Things to Do If You Love a Person with Chronic Lyme Disease

A Guide to understanding their struggle It’s never easy to understand what another person is going through no matter the cause. The saying holds true that you’ll...

Human Lyme Disease Vaccines: Past and Future Concerns

The pursuit of a human vaccine for Lyme disease, the most common arthropod-borne infection in the US, is an important and worthwhile endeavor, according to...

Lyme Knows No Boundaries

I haven't blogged in almost a year. Wow. Time flies when you aren't suffering in the confines of your bed, in solitude for up to 23 hours a day. I'm not out of the woods yet (pun intended), but ...

parasites candida bacteria yeast mold fungus and how to get rid of it

Cost of Lyme Disease Drug Doxycycline Skyrockets

The cost of doxycycline, an antibiotic routinely prescribed for treatment of Lyme disease, has skyrocketed in recent months, causing...

Recommendations for Treatment of Human Infections Caused by Bartonella Species

Members of the genus Bartonella are facultative intracellular bacteria belonging to the alpha 2 subgroup of the class Proteobacteria and are phylogenetically...

Overcoming Fear: Sickly Child Fights Back To Become EMT, National Guardsman

Some people take the lemons that life hands them and make them into Lyme-Aid. Ryan Will, a paramedic with the American Medical Response ambulance service in West Hartford, Connecticut struggled with Lyme as a child. He was often sick in the doctor's office. He now is facing his fears by jumping out of airplanes "for stress relief", and is a first responder in ambulances helping to save people's lives. Ryan is a shining example of the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. He overcame the mental and physical challenges of Lyme disease and now is giving back to his community. Congratulations to Ryan and all of the brave Lyme warriors who fight the good fight every day and pay it forward when they can.

Biomedical engineering student developed new Lyme disease test,

Biomedical engineering student developed new Lyme disease test, now working in cancer detection

Lyme disease and Cognitive impairments

LymeDisease and Cognitive Impairments byRobert Bransfield, M.D. Introduction: The patient is a college graduate with Lyme encephalopathy (LE). While...

Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease Found in South London Parks

Visitors to two popular parks in South London are at risk of coming into contact with ticks that can transmit Lyme disease to humans, according to new


Dr. Robert Bransfield, past president of ILADS, has accumulated a list of 700 articles citing chronic infection associated with tick-borne diseases. Read more...

Elet Hall, Ninja Warrior, Lyme Survivor |

Une maladie taboue et souvent mal traitée

Beaucoup de patients atteints de la borréliose, une maladie transmise par les tiques, ne sont pas pris au sérieux par leur médecin traitant. Au ...

L'équipe de bénévoles de France Lyme a oeuvré pour informer le grand public du danger des tiques

La première journée de la fête des jardins se termine et le stand France Lyme a eu beaucoup de succès au Parc Floral de Paris. L'accueil par la ville de Paris a été très chaleureux. L'équipe de bénévoles a oeuvré tout l'après midi pour informer le grand public du danger des tiques. A demain pour la suite de la fête des jardins et la conférence à 17h20.