Tiques: les cas d'encéphalites ont plus que doublé en 2013

Borréliose, encéphalite à tiques, ces maladies propagées par ces petites bestioles suceuses de sang sont en augmentation depuis plusieurs années en Suisse. Pour...


Teen Suffers Chronic Lyme Disease -

Thank you to our friend from Iowa, Amber Evans, for sharing their family's story battling the effects of Chronic Lyme Disease on their daughter Olivia...
"Olivia Evans, 15, became sick last summer. She isn't sure when she became infected, but now she has chronic lyme disease."
"Often she doesn’t have the energy to go to school or hang out with friends. “I’ll see people walking along the sidewalk, and it’s just like, you don’t really know how much of a privilege that is,” Olivia explained. Olivia has joint pain, gets tired easily, has heart dysrhythmias and can also have trouble with her speech among other symptoms. She often has episodes at night that leave her in terrible pain."
WAVERLY, IA CBS2FOX28 - May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and one Eastern Iowa teenager is gettin

Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Her Ongoing Battle With Lyme Disease!

Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Her Ongoing Battle With Lyme Disease! Get The Health Details HERE!
Debbie Gibson admits she has lyme disease after speculation about her weight loss! Get the deets HERE!

Debbie Gibson reveals battle with Lyme disease after critics slam weight loss

Debbie Gibson reveals battle with Lyme disease after critics slam weight loss
Debbie Gibson has revealed her battle with Lyme disease. The '80s pop icon felt the need to share her private health struggle after critics attacked her earlier this month for her skinny frame while performing two shows in Chile.

Debbie Gibson reveals she has Lyme disease

Pop star details her yearlong struggle on her blog.

Dr. Richard Horowitz : Tick season is upon us

I'll be on WHMT tonight at 7:30pm. The show will be aired other times and on stations listed below. 'New York NOW' on New York Public Television (PBS) will broadcast a story on the growing problems of tick borne illnesses. I will be interviewed, along with Senator Gipson and the Cary Institute starting today, Friday, April 18. Here is a link to an on-line story from WMHT which posted today: http://nynow.org/post/tick-season-upon-us
Here are the local stations and times for the broadcasts:
Albany WMHT | Fridays at 7:30 p.m.; Sundays at 10:30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
New York City WNET | Saturdays at 11 a.m.
Long Island WLIW | Sundays at 11 a.m.
Rochester WXXI | Sundays at 6 p.m.
Buffalo WNED | Sundays at 9:30 a.m.
Binghamton WSKG | Sundays at 11 a.m.
Watertown WPBS | Sundays at 7:30 a.m.
Plattsburgh Mountain Lake PBS | Fridays at 8:30pm, Saturdays at 7:30pm, and Sundays at 10:30am.
Springtime is finally upon us again and as people head back outside to enjoy the outdoors they increase their chances of getting bit by a tick. Lyme

Debbie Gibson: My Terrifying Battle with Lyme Disease

After body bullies slam her "gaunt" appearance, the singer opens up about her health struggle

Death linked to Lyme disease

In a majoe Lyme disease development, a man has died from a disease he caught from a tick, and the victim's doctor is urging authorities to act.

Penn biologist finds silver lining in Lyme disease

Researchers at Penn State have found that after being bitten by an infectious tick, a person can be immune from that strain for several years. They believe that this is promising news for the possibility of developing a vaccine that might be resistant to the more than 15 other known strains of Lyme disease in the US.
A bite from a tick carrying Lyme disease often leaves a telltale bull’s-eye rash.

Association Luxembourgeoise Borréliose de Lyme‎72 Stonnen fir Bénévolat

Dans le cadre des "72h pour le bénévolat" ainsi que du "Mouvement International contre le déni de la maladie de ‪#‎Lyme‬", l'ALBL tiendra un stand d'information Place Guillaume a Luxembourg-ville. Nous vous proposons des informations sur la maladie et espérons pouvoir 'recruter' des membres actifs au sein de notre asbl. La clôture se fera avec un concours/lâcher de ballons. Venez nombreux!

Campaign to combat rise in Lyme Disease

Health officials are so worried about a rise in cases of Lyme Disease in Wiltshire that they have teamed up with experts at the Government science facility at Porton Down to launch an...

Les infections par des tiques sont en train d’exploser !

Les infections par des tiques explosent dans notre pays, sans surveillance des autorités. Une chercheuse livre les résultats d’une enquête inquiétante.


American Red Cross will not take blood from those with Chronic Lyme

'So far after investigating several states on the Red Cross Site, we have found only Ohio saying donating blood with lyme diseasethat Chronic Lyme Disease is a deterrent from donating blood. We sent them an email asking if this was an over sight and the websites just needed to be updated and here is the response we got back from The Red Cross:'
'In regards to your question and the information you provided donors who have chronic Lyme disease and are constantly showing symptoms they are not eligible to donate until they are fully recovered, symptom free and have completed their course of treatment. In regards to chronic Lyme disease, different blood banks do have different requirements concerning eligibility criteria for blood donors.'
From their webite: "Lyme Disease Accept persons with Lyme disease if they were treated, the disease resolved and at least 1 year has passed. Those...

Watch this amazing promo video for a new book about Lyme disease by musician Natalie London.

Watch this amazing promo video for a new book about Lyme disease by musician Natalie London.

Vermont Senate advances Lyme disease bill

With a 27-0 preliminary vote in the State Senate, Vermont is moving forward with its plan to provide legal protection to doctors who prescribe long-term antibiotics to Lyme patients.
(AP) â€" Doctors and other health professionals would be immune from professional conduct charges if they pursued a hotly debated course of treatment for Lyme disease under a bill given preliminary approval...

Bernard Christophe, La Maladie de Lyme

Bernard Christophe, La Maladie de Lyme (Onnouscachetout TV) 



Bernard Christophe, La Maladie de Lyme (Onnouscachetout TV)  

“Syphilis of the Forest” Lyme disease.

Mother of three Adelle Huckins was finally diagnosed after a long mysterious illness. The disease she has is called Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection carried by ticks (blood-sucking…

A Nemzetközi Lyme Összefogás keretein belül 2014. május 17-én (szombat) 14:00 órai kezdettel az alábbi programon vehetnek részt az érdeklődők

Örömmel jelentjük be, hogy 2014 májusában immáron másodszor csatlakozunk a Nemzetközi Lyme Összefogáshoz. Célunk, hogy felhívjuk a figyelmet a lyme betegség veszélyeire, a diagnosztikában használt ELISA teszt hiányaira, valamint a minél korábbi felismerés és a hosszú távú antibiotikumos kezelés szükségességére.


My Lyme Disease Journey - Part 1

In Mid January this year I began getting new symptoms which I had never experienced before....extreme fatigue, flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, tinnitus, tremors, joint pain and nausea. I was goin...

Success Treating Lyme Disease Naturally Without Antibiotic Drugs

We recently published an article exposing why the CDC has suddenly come out and finally...

Neuroscientist Exposes Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Our modern world is creating an electromagnetic soup filled with electrical pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as...

Lyme disease was reported in 47 states during 1991

From 'Military Dermatology' on page 309...
"Lyme disease was reported in 47 states during 1991. Thousands of new cases are estimated to occur every summer in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Sweden. In Russia, Lyme disease has been reported from the Baltic to the Pacific. The disease has also been found in Australia, China, and Japan."

Spirocheatal shock syndrome

In this report, a very ill homeless man is brought to the emergency room and is found to be infected with Borrelia recurrentis which causes relapsing fever. The doctors warn that medical providers must be vigilant concerning vector-borne illnesses, especially in areas where these diseases are not yet recognized.
Indian J Med Microbiol,Official peer-reviewed publication of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists

Borreliose: Die unterschätzte Syphilis aus dem Wald /// Borrelia burgdorferi : in Germany the most common tick-borne pathogens.

Syphilis of the Forest"
Borrelia burgdorferi : in Germany the most common tick-borne pathogens.
© Sebastian Schreiter / Springer Verlag
Because of the multitude of possible long-term consequences , the tick-borne Lyme disease is considered as a syphilis from the forest. Many diseases are thereby being mimicked, especially autoimmune diseases. One reason is the rich and varied appearance and distribution pattern of the causative Borrelia.
There are several Borrelia species which belong to the B. burgdorferi senso lato- complex, and which are occasionally found in symptomatic patients , reported Professor Christian Peronne from Paris at the Annual Meeting of the German Borreliosis Society ( DBG ) in Erfurt.
These include B. spielmanii in early skin lesions , as lonestari could be responsible for a Lyme disease - like illness , B. lusitaniae has been found in vasculitis patients.
It was only recently discovered as miyamotoi , which is responsible for recurrent attacks of fever or Lyme disease - like illness in Asia, Europe and North America - to name just a few.
In addition, further transmitted when a tick bite bacteria , viruses or parasites might be relevant to whether and what symptoms occur . Thus it has been found in the U.S. in two to twelve percent of Lyme disease patients , a human granulocytic anaplasmosis , two to 40 percent of a triggered by Babesia malaria - like illness .
So let's talk for Lyme disease across many different diseases, it is in fact a syndrome ? This is already possible , says Professor Karl Bechtel from Ulm, one of the organizers of the DBG Congress.
He recalled that infection does not mean the same disease , "Any infectious disease also depends on the host , whose genetic endowment , the current state of his immune system and other infections that have occurred previously or not. "
Pathogens survive and defy antibiotics
If you look at the capabilities of the pathogen to , it must be noted that we are dealing with a very tricky opponent . He likes to retreat to bradytrophic tissue and changes its shape so that it is often not recognized under the microscope .
The Borrelia form cysts and can survive as such for a long time and defy antibiotics. Furthermore, they show a kind of swarm behavior . A high-resolution atomic force microscope Professor Eva Sapi from New Haven has been observed in the USA " live " as the Borrelia form up within a few days to symmetric structures and form a biofilm .
This describes Sapi as " city-like " structure with supply and disposal channels. In vitro, these biofilms were with various combinations of antibiotics not to crack , possibly the bacterial load was curb .
How does that represent in vivo is not yet clear , but there are indications that also in vivo, these biofilms are formed. The routine diagnostic tools to identify such a flexible pathogen have been described in the DBG Congress unanimously as totally inadequate.
The ELISA was simply not suitable as a screening test . Peronne cited several studies in which the sensitivity of the assays offered commercially by 37-70 percent , was located 20-98 percent and 34-59 percent times .
Urgently needed better diagnostic tests
" Sometimes it's not the composition of the test problems , but the type of conduct in the labs ," criticizes DBG CEO Professor Hartmut Prautzsch . And Bechtel adds that the manufacturers simplify the scientifically developed test partially , which further adversely affects the sensitivity .
Which laboratory test which applies , the delegator doctor knows anyway - it would hardly help him . Even today, it would be possible to improve the assay , experts say. But part of the manufacturers seem to it to be no interest.
And in terms of antibody in the Western blot evidence applies : you can only see what you know. Although the Western blot has a slightly higher sensitivity than the ELISA. But even in the early stages of Lyme disease must be considered in about 20 percent of cases of seronegativity , in the late phase are up to 50 percent seronegative !
The diagnostic tools require so much of improvement. Appropriate research should be supported by public money , call Bechtel and others. This will only happen if the disease has been recognized as a significant health problem.
In the U.S., there is more . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) stated in August 2013 that Lyme disease was a " huge public health problem ," because the actual number of new patients per year apparently was ten times higher than the number of reported new cases .
Je mehr man über Borreliose herausbekommt, desto deutlicher wird das große Unwissen über sie. Das erklärt so manches Vorurteile und den Streit über Diagnostik und gesundheitliche Folgen.

‘Al vijf jaar lang ziek door beet van een teek’

GERAARDSBERGEN - Naar aanleiding van de Week van de Teek, nog tot zondag 13 april, loopt een campagne die wijst op de gevaren van teken. Wat het beestje kan teweegbrengen, weet Emma Bilterijst (17) uit Viane als...

Why you should be concerned about Lyme.

'There are experienced Lyme physicians who have been treating hundreds, even thousands of patients and have much to add to what works. However, the Infectious-Diseases panel members have used their position to exclude physician input or research that conflicts with their viewpoints. Thus the treatment guidelines remain narrowly focused and do not reflect this growing body of knowledge. This leaves physicians and innocent patients without access to the most recent knowledge'
Why you should be concerned about Lyme.