conference "Beyond Lyme & Other Chronic Illnesses: Reclaiming Your Health and Well-Being

Dr Horowitz dit qu'il ya  un nouveau médicament utilisé conjointement avec d'autres, et certains  patients incurables pourraient être  traités avec succès: dapsone utilisé dans la tuberculose et la lèpre.

"As Dr. Horowitz explains, he is typically successful in getting 92% of his patients better. But there is an “8%” that are the most difficult to treat. Could this breakthrough break the code for closing in on the 8% of people that are most difficult to get better? It could. I’ll never forget those chilling yet cheerful words: “We are closing in on the 8%,” Dr. Horowitz whispered.
It works like this. Dr. Horowitz first combines 2-3 intracellular antibiotics to reach the persister bacteria hiding in cells. This would be the “triple persister” cocktail. Then he pulses with a cellular antibiotic. This pulsing has been shown to be effective based on the incredible work of professor and researcher Kim Lewis of Northeastern University. Dr. Horowitz has found this regimen to be very successful for people who continue to have symptoms or relapses. BUT FURTHERMORE, he has now found with the help of the work from Dr. Zhang that adding dapsone (pyrazinamide) to this regimen for the most difficult of cases…could be THE key to perishing the persisters for once and for all. Dapsone being that potential mycobacterium super drug used against Tuberculosis and leprosy."
Richard Horowitz, MD, and his wife, the lovely Lee, kicked off the weekend conference "Beyond Lyme & Other Chronic Illnesses: Reclaiming Your Health and Well-Being," on the evening of Friday, D...