Tick bite sent Rams' Wells to intensive care

Center Scott Wells didn’t finish the final week of Rams practices in June, then missed a good portion of training camp. It was thought that he had some kind of virus, and lost some weight.
Turns out it was much worse than that, and could have been fatal had it not been treated in time.
“I had a bacterial infection from a tick bite,” Wells told the Post-Dispatch. “It’s called ehrlichia. It’s similar to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
“To me it’s important to educate the public on this, because everybody knows (tick bites) exist,” Wells said. “But until you’re hit with it, you don’t really understand how significant it is.

“It changed my whole perspective. If any of my kids, anybody I know, gets flu symptoms and it’s not flu season, check it out. Because you’d rather know early than late.”
Rams center reveals that he was seriously ill over the summer.
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