DNA probes (molecular beacons or "FISH" probes) lighting up borrelia germs in the blood of a dementia patient.

In 1903 there was an argument in the medical literature as to whether Syphilis could cause Dementia. It took 10 years of hostile opinions in the medical journals before the matter was settled in 1913 by Pathology. Now 100 years later the same intellectual battle rages over whether Borrelia can cause dementia. This is another argument of Serology vs Pathology.
Unfortunately only brain-autopsies can solve this question with absolute authority. Now 100+ years after the Syphilis argument was settled the evidence is once again in favor of spirochete bacteria causing dementia.
If we could have a non-invasive test that reveals spirochetes in dementia patients: that would be a Nobel Prize worthy discovery.
I think that day is soon approaching. Below is Borrelia miyamotoi in a dementia patient's BLOOD that was confirmed by two different species specific stains and one that just stains Flagella Protein DNA. The patient was just 61 years old. (Borrelia DNA is dispersed beneath the cell wall and membrane so we get nice silhouettes with DNA stains)