Understanding Genes As Key to Overcoming the Symptoms of Lyme Disease

"It wasn't until we ran a lab test for a particular type of gene that my family began to heal from the symptoms of Lyme disease. We, like so many struggling Lyme patients, had seen many well-known Lyme-literate medical doctors over the course of about three and a half years. We traveled hours to see some of them, spending thousands of dollars out of pocket, in the hopes that they would be the one with the miracle combination of antibiotics, supplements or homeopathics that would restore our wellbeing. Of the literally hundreds of lab tests that our family did, never did a doctor run the HLA-DR by PCR genetic test. Fortunately, we had the good fortune to come across one doctor who routinely ordered this test. Up until then, I knew that the fact that wellness had evaded us despite massive amounts of treatment proved that we were missing something."
"When the doctor reviewed our results and explained that we had a certain combination of genes that made us susceptible to inflammation caused by either Lyme and/or mold toxins, I felt a calm come over me. I knew we had found the missing piece of the puzzle. It wasn't a guess. We had genetic mutations that did not allow our bodies to tag and remove these toxins. This explained why no other protocol had ever worked."

Patti Graham Velletri, a Lyme survivor, shares her story of how understanding her and her family's gene patterns enabled them to find healing from Lym