What It's Like To Live With Lyme Disease

From Prevention Magazine: What It's Like To Live With Lyme Disease ‪#‎LymeDiseaseChallenge‬ ‪#‎LymeIsEverywhere‬ ‪#‎ChildrenLosingChildhoods‬
As for Michaela, now 17, a diagnosis finally got her on a treatment protocol, but Lyme has pretty much taken over her life. She no longer goes to school, opting instead to study from home. Gone are the debilitating headaches and stomach problems, but she's still plagued by fatigue and joint pain. And now her motor skills are faltering.
In her immune-compromised condition, it's not uncommon for her to develop other infections, says her mother, Vicki, founder of the Kentucky Lyme Disease Association and someone who also suffers from Lyme, along with her husband and her son Bryan, who was totally immobilized from the condition before a successful treatment that spanned almost three years.
Think you know Lyme? Here's the day-to-day reality for thousands of people, like Michaela Petsy, living with Lyme disease.