Cancer as a Parasitic Disease.

Cancer as a Parasitic Disease.
by Jeffrey Dach MD
Highlights from the 14th Annual International Integrative Oncology Conference in San Diego. April 16th, 2016
I was intrigued by a presentation by Dr Nooshin Darvish, of five cases of Glioblastoma Multiforme treated over ten years in her Holistique clinic located in Bellevue, Washington. All five tumor biopsy samples stained positive for the spirochete parasite,Borrelia, the organism found in Lyme disease.(1) The patient’s tumors regressed upon treatment for parasitic disease, and progressed when treatments were halted.
The pathology report by Alan MacDonald, M.D.,can be seen here:…/Glioblastoma-Five-cases-positive…
Borrelia in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
This information was new to me, so I wondered if Borrelia had been associated with any other types of cancer. A quick literature search answered the question. Dr Claudia Schöllkopf reported in Blood 2008 that patients who tested positive for Borrella antibodies had a 4 times higher risk of Mantle Cell lymphoma. (2) Four years previously, in 2004, Borrelia organisms had been identified in two cases of nodal lymphoma.(3) Left image: Worm-like structure are the Borellia parasite SEM scanning electron microscopy, courtesy of the Coltons Point Times.
Cancer as a Parasitic Disease is an Old Idea
Cancer as a form of parasitic disease is actually an old idea originally proposed by early microbiologists. They considered the idea self evident from their microscopic observations of cancer cells.
On December 3,1890 the Scottish pathologist William Russell reported a “cancer microbe” seen under his microscope inside cancer cells. His report in the Dec 18, 1890 British Medical Journal included detailed drawings describing parasitic spores within cancer cells...........

Cancer as a Parasitic Disease