Dr David Martz oncologist and hematologist found his ALS to be Lyme disease.

Good luck with your recovery. Dr David Martz oncologist and hematologist found his ALS to be Lyme disease. He recovered on long term antibiotics and opened a clinic in Colorado. He saw patients with ALS or MND as we call it in UK, MS and Parkinson's he treated for Lyme disease and his results quite ground breaking. With ALS those who were treated in early disease recovered their health those in middle disease were stabilised but those in late disease treatment with long term antibiotics seemed to precipitate the disease further into decline.
The controversies about Lyme disease or Borreliosis to give it its proper name have skewed data and resulted in much good science being ignored or marginalised. Recent research is showing that Borrelia persists despite antibiotics but the antibioticd can reduce the infection load thus improving health.
ALS untangled dismidd the link with Lyme disease but their ipinion is based on one study a poorly defined study any way in which antibody tests were used to select patients. Those antibody tests are poor performing tests missing many cases. They could do this research using tests more sensitive available for research such as FISH and dna Borrelia specific beacon probes. Or proteomics. The next problem with that research was they treated only low dose and one type of antibiotic for a short period weeks when months or even years might be required of tri therapy. Johns Hopkins Zhang research is working on specific tri therapy drugs to eradicate birrelia persisters as is Prof Lewis at Northeastern.
Good luck to all those with ALS do your research it takes a long time for scientific research to be translated into treatment protocols in a medical setting.
Two days after he got an ALS diagnosis, he proposed.