Lyme Disease DNA Testing - Molecular Diagnostics

DNA TESTING FOR 21 STRAINS OF BORRELIA. During a recent video presentation that we watched at our monthly meetings, Dr. Horowitz mentioned that Milford Lab does testing for Borrelia miyamotoi, which is becoming more and more prevalent on the East Coast. I was amazed when I visited their website and found out that they have developed a special PCR test that looks for the DNA of 21 different strains of Borrelia and the cost is only $150 (not too awful compared to many other tests). The company is Milford Medical Laboratory, an affiliate of Milford Hospital in Milford, Connecticut. Here is a link to their website and the listing of strains they test for. If you are interested in testing through them, there is a FAQ page with more information and an order form, too. Remember, that a negative test does not mean you don't have Lyme disease, because that particular sample may not have any bacteria in it. I like the fact that they are looking at so many strains of the bacteria, because we know that the regular ELISA and Western Blot tests that doctors typically order only test for one strain and that is why so many people test negative on their blood tests when they have an active infection.

Milford Medical Laboratory offers the first reliable DNA test for Lyme disease bacteria and B. miyamotoi, the spirochete causing a Lyme disease-like infection.