The High Cost of Telling Someone ‘You Don’t Look Sick’

We challenge the CDC and the Infectious Diseases Society of America to share evidence supporting their false claim that chronic Lyme disease “almost always gets better with time". We're certain that the likely millions worldwide who are suffering from the effects of CHRONIC Lyme disease would like to know as well.
"Lyme disease is the ultimate “invisible illness,” a name given to diseases you can’t see. Not only do many of us look normal, but our illness is not recognized by conventional medicine. We are told our symptoms are “all in our head,” or that we are “faking it.”
"The CDC and IDSA say our illness doesn’t even exist, referring only to Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, as opposed to chronic Lyme disease, which according to the CDC website “almost always gets better with time.”

by Kerry J. Heckman Opinions expressed by contributors are their own I remember the first time someone told me, “You don’t look sick.” I was sitting in urgent care and the doctor told me I ...MORE