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ticks and Lyme disease : It's been 25 days. 25 days I've kept this private but it's time to warn everyone.

Gina Elizabeth, a le cœur brisé.
It's been 25 days. 25 days I've kept this private but it's time to warn everyone.
Many of you have heard that the ticks have been bad. Well then let me show you how bad they can get. A few weeks ago I mentioned we were in the hospital for Morgan for a mystery rash. I explained she was bitten by a bug about 2 weeks prior to the 6/14 visit. They assured me that wasn't relevant. Uniontown diagnosed it as cellulitis. I knew something in my gut said this wasn't right. I'm not bad mouthing Uniontown hospital, but they were wrong. They were incredibly wrong. Morgan had a fever of 103.5 when we arrived at UPMC Children's on the 15th. They took one look and sent us to a room. We were met by 2 doctors including the infectious disease doctor. He showed us the bullseye right away and treated her for Lyme's disease. Of course, it came back positive. My baby has been suffering from a tick bite that caused her to contract Lyme. We are heartbroken. She is on bottle 5/7 of antibiotics, extremely fatigued, and has suffered effects that will make a grown man cry. Please, please, PLEASE, spray your children, animals, and self before going outdoors. Don't let this happen to your loved one.
****Edit**** Since I've been getting private messages about side effects let me share one terrible side effect. Bells Palsy. This. Is. The. Worst. One. Her entire right side of her face is paralyzed causing difficulty with eating, chewing, and swallowing. Pictures added.
*****Extra note****** I forgot my mom mentioned about her added sensitivities with Lyme.
Morgan is VERY sensitive to loud noises. Also, because the right eye doesn't close completely, it tends to dry out. Try putting lubricating drops into a 4 yr old's eye. I turned the ceiling fan on the other day when she was in the room and she started screaming that it hurt her eye. I had no clue and felt horrible!!! Her tastes have changed. She cannot purse her lips, and cannot drink from a straw or a cup. She uses a spoon to drink. The appetite is almost non existent. We wear sunglasses inside and out due to light sensitivity and also to protect eye that won't close properly. This is so serious i can't explain this enough! Check your self for ticks!