Parents of Justina Pelletier sue Boston Children’s Hospital for negligence - The Boston Globe

For any parent who has had to battle 'the system' to protect their child because it doesn't know how to treat them, or treats them badly, because she or he has a chronic condition due to Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, PANDAS, or any number of other poorly diagnosed, 'hidden handicaps', this family's story reads like a chilling horror story that can, for any one of us, become a reality. For many, I know it has, like it did for our family at one point. As parents it behooves us to fight for our kids, and this often means knowing more about our kids' condition than the doctors and administrators we have to deal with. So yeah, we come off as pushy, we get angry when they don't 'get' it, and are stressed to the limit when their decisions cause more harm to our loved ones. That doesn't make us bad parents. Nor does it make us perfect parents. We do it for the love of a child, as only a parent can. Because no one else will.
PS. In the comments section in 'Part 2', one reader makes a convincing connection between this teenager's illness, her early learning disabilities, and the possible maternal transmission of Lyme and Bartonella. Most of the other comments aren't worth reading.
The parents of a teenage girl who was at the center of a highly charged medical battle and custody dispute said Thursday they have filed a lawsuit accusing…