As tick season arrives, add babesiosis to Lyme disease concerns -

In severe cases, babesiosis can result in serious anemia or spleen rupture and…

We commonly have Alabama patients report being diagnosed with babesia in conjunction with Lyme disease.
"Dr. Fiona Breslin recently treated a patient at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester who had been bitten by a deer tick. But the diagnosis wasn’t Lyme disease."
"Tests showed the patient had babesiosis, which in severe cases can result in serious anemia or spleen rupture and can be life-threatening. Most of the time, it goes undetected in young, healthy people, who often experience only flu-like symptoms or no symptoms at all."
“The spleen rupture is extremely rare...I have only seen two cases of that in the past 10 years..."
(ALDA note: While the article states that, "Babesiosis itself is relatively rare...but it has been increasing”, we suspect that we do not currently have an accurate accounting of cases of any tick-borne diseases).