Lyme borreliosis cripples and kills families

Lyme borreliosis cripples and kills families, while our governments do nothing. This cannot be ignorance on their part; in which case they have blood on their hands and evil in their minds. No degree of stupidity or ignorance could possibly run so deeply, and so widespread - but fear of some awful truth emerging could be the real driving factor, and explain the brick walls. Brick walls made of lies, not ignorance.

This Alzheimer Dementia patient died in 1997. He had Borrelia burgdorferi in all twelve paraffin blocks of his brain. He was a farmer from Ashland WI and avid outdoorsman. His three sons all had Lyme disease, two with crippling arthritis and one with MS-Like diagnosis. All three improved on aggressive antibiotics. They insisted their father's brain be tested. All three sons were treated by an Algoma WI doctor who was persecuted for his belief that Lyme disease was a persistent and chronic infection of the brain.